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Helping technology, e-commerce, health-tech, marketing, recruitment etc. companies to implement GDPR requirements.
DPO training – Data Protection Officer (DPO) training – we provide bespoke DPO training courses based on the client’s profile. During training, we help the DPO understand the requirements of GDPR applicable to the company and carry out a data protection impact assessment for ensuring compliance with regulations.
Data protection impact assessment – conducting an impact assessment for the existing software solutions, data processing and for the new products or services of the company, to evaluate the company’s compliance with the GDPR. Including assessment, whether the company’s databases correspond to the technical and legal requirements of the GDPR.


ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are the most recent approach to carrying out crowdfunding, enabling to distribute easily accessible and liquid tokens against payment of funds. ICO’s have turned out to be a new method of raising funds for many innovative projects. We have advised a great number of ICO’s and other blockchain or token economy based projects.

Term Sheets

A term sheet is a non-binding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made into the company.

Investment Agreements

An investment agreement is a contract, which establishes the terms of the investment, such as the investment sum, valuation of the startup, time and manner of the investment as well as representations and warranties provided by the company and the founders.

Shareholders Agreements

A shareholders’ agreement is an arrangement, establishing the company’s shareholders’ rights and obligations. The agreement usually regulates the ownership of shares and voting rights, the control and management of the company, protection of the company and the shareholders and makes other relevant provisions to protect and regulate the interests of the parties.

IP Issues

IP issues are legal matters regarding the protection of proprietary knowledge of the company. IP issues can arise from areas such as product design, software development, domain registration, data protection, database management, licensing matters and any other legal issue.

Flips and Stocks Swaps

A flip is a process of moving the business from one country (e.g. Estonia) to another (e.g. United States) for the purposes of tapping into the new market in order to increase sales, bring in quality workers or attract interest of investors. Stock Swap is the exchange of one asset (stocks of a company) for another.

Share Option Programs

Share Option is an agreement between the company and its employee, consultant or service provider, whereby the startups provides the aforementioned party a possibility of become a shareholder in the company if such party continues to contribute into the development of the company for a certain period of time.

Tax Advice and planning

Tax advice and planning is oriented to advise and find efficient tax solutions on matters related to transaction taxation, tax proceedings.

Lifted Clients say

“We’re extremely thankful to Hedman Partners for drafting all kinds of legal documents for us, taking this headache away from us. Moreover, they’ve helped us avoid some possible big problems by insisting they go through all documents sent our way. All in all, we enjoy working with them as they’re always responding to us promptly, even if we turn to them late late in the afternoon.”

- Shipitwise

"If the door to the wide world is ajar then Hedman Partners will help you open it in order to materialize your dreams in a safe and legal way.”

- SprayPrinter COO Alo Murutar

“Being a venture capital fund, our investments have a lot of specifies. Therefore, when considering an investment outside of the usual jurisdictions, we always look for a strong local partner who has deep knowledge of local law and also an understanding of terms related to VC deals. We have found such partner in Hedman Partners who has provided us with an in-depth introduction about investing in Estonia so that we could make an informed decision in our choice of jurisdiction, and who has been helpful throughout the whole investment process. Communication with Hedman has always been a pleasure, and we truly hope we will be able to cooperate again in the future. “

- Neulogy Ventures


Document Templates

For Estonian and Latvian startups



This intellectual property transfer agreement enables you to transfer software, design, content and other IP rights from the creator to the start-up

Download: EE


This term sheet sets forth the basic terms and conditions under which the convertible loan is granted.

Download: EE


A term sheet is a non-binding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made.

Download: EE LV


Here is a sample Pre-Investment Due Diligence Checklist for Founders. It helps you to assess whether all the important legal matters are sufficiently covered.

Download: EE LV


Here is a sample founders' agreement for you to use. A founders’ agreement is perhaps the most important legal tool in the formation phase of your start-up.

Download: EE LV


Here is a sample confidentiality agreement for you to use. A common way between counterparties to outline confidential material, knowledge, or information

Download: EE LV


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